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A Review on Nonwoven Fabrics Used in Apparel

A Review on Nonwoven Fabrics Used in Apparel

Written by: Mr. Satyajeet B. Chaudhari Mr. Aadhar Mandot


We know that nonwoven fabrics are one of the oldest and simplest textile fabrics. Its classic example is felt. The first well documented discovery of felt dates back 3500-3000 BC. It was made from hairs of various animals.

Primarily nonwoven fabrics were utilized only in protective clothing and shelters (tents), but since last few years nonwoven industry has grown abruptly and this unconventional trend fabric apart from its application in geo-textiles, nappies, filters, bags, etc. have now started to find its application into the fashion apparel industry also. This has become possible due to the research and development in the properties of nonwoven fabrics. Unlike traditional fabric manufacturing process where fibers are converted into the yarn and then weaved to form a fabric, nonwoven fabrics are directly obtained from fibers. A nonwoven material offers number of advantages over traditional fabrics, cost savings being the most obvious.

In the late 1960's there were few attempts to market disposable dresses but could not succeed. Recent research has resulted in fabrics with better drape, hand, durability, stretch and recovery. So, now it is extensively finding its application in the apparel industry for interlinings, clothing and glove insulation, bra and shoulder padding components. These enhanced characteristics have compelled us to push aside the prejudices associated with this unconventional fabric and move towards the modern concept.


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About the Authors:

Satyajeet Chaudhari and Aadhar Mandot are Lecturers and Patel Milin and Matharu Karansingh are students from The Maharaja Sayajirao University Of Baroda in the Department of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Technology & Engineering.


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