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Automotive Textile
Automobile textiles

Automotive Textile

Written by: Dubas S. Narayan and Bhansali S. Mahaveer


Textile industry began with the need of protecting humanbeing from the changing climatic conditions. Man first covered his body withleaves, plant fibers till he discovered the fabrics. Textiles are now anessential part of every bodys life, to provide for fashion requirement andcomforts rather than just to cover the skin. Textiles are mainly applied inthree fields they are

  • Apparel uses
  • Home textiles and
  • Technical textiles

Among which technical textiles are an expanding area oftextile industries. New yarn and fiber development is one of the driving forcesof the modern technical textile industry. The 1980s was a particular period,which saw the commercial introduction of a wide range of new materials, withliberalization and globalization as the slogan written on the wall... Technicaltextiles are the textile applications in medical, civil engineering andautomotive fields. Technical textiles are gaining fast recognition to be one ofthe most dynamic and promising areas for the future of the textile industry in India for high performance applications. Automotive textiles happens to be the rewardingsector finding extensive use of technical textiles in the product categoriesviz. interior trims, safety devices like seat belts and airbags, carpets,filters, battery separators, hood liners, hoses & belt reinforcement. Thepotential for the growth of automotive textile business may be gauged from theexplosive expansion projected for car production, with Asia- Pacific as thegrowth driver. Globally 65.1 million cars are produced. It will grow to 75.7million by 2011 at a CAGR of 3.6 per cent. The market size for automotivetextiles will double from Rs1,614 crore to over Rs 3,200 crore by 2011-12,according to Mrs. Shashi Singh, Joint Textile Commissioner. A Part of discussesissues such as automotive textile requirements, constructions and itsapplications will be dealt with this paper.

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Authors are students of D.K.T.E, Ichalkaranji

Thispaper was also presented at event under national level grand fiestaPRAGYAA-2010 Department of Textile Technology of SG G S I E &T., Nanded.

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