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Development of Breathable Active Sports Wear
Sports textiles

Development of Breathable Active Sports Wear

Written by: L.Karthikeyan, S.Prakash, B.Anandhakumar, K.Balaselvam & S.Sakthivel


The sportswear textile industry has not only seen in market diversification for fibrous materials but has also contributed towards the elevation of textile science and technology to a level of approaching that of high tech industrial sectors. The performance requirements of many sports goods often demand widely different properties from their constituent fibres and fabrics, such as barrier to rain, snow, cold, heat and strength. At the same time these textiles must fulfill the consumer requirements of drape, comfort, fit and ease of movement. Among the contributing factors responsible for successful marketing of functional sportswear has been made in the fibre and polymer sciences and production techniques for obtaining sophisticated fibre, yarns and fabrics. The finishing and laminating industries have done pioneering work in the area of developing these technologies towards the needs of sportswear and sporting goods sectors resulting in unique products. This paper reviews various works done in development of waterproof, breathable and active sportswear textiles. The moisture transport properties and various factors affecting it are also discussed for sportswear fabrics using different fibres. The various blended fibres and fabrics with different fabric structure and the functional finishes used for the development of waterproof, breathable and active sportswear textiles have been described along with their constitutional elements and special characteristics.

Waterproof, Breathable, Active Sportswear, Moisture Transport Properties, Fabric Structures, Functional Finishes.

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Authors are associated with Angel College of Engineering & Technology, Tirupur.

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