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EliTe® CompactSet Processing Synthetic Fibres
Textile Machinery Raw material

EliTe® CompactSet Processing Synthetic Fibres

Written by: Dr. Norbert Brunk

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Fibre consumption worldwide is currently made up of about 58% manmade fibres and about 42% natural fibres. Although the percentage of cotton has slightly and continuously grown in the last years, its share of the total consumption of fibres is about 40% only. Further growth cannot be expected, because the already extensive cultivation permits no further growth and an expansion of the area of cultivable land is not possible.

It is therefore unavoidable to compensate the expanding demand for fibres by the growing world population and the additionally rising per capita consumption in many newly industrializing countries by an increasing application of man-made fibres.

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The author is the Technical Director Ring Spinning, SUESSEN

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