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Home Textile Exports: Design Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
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Home Textile Exports: Design Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

Written by: Vijai Singh Katiyar


Home furnishing industry has been vibrant and happening place in the textile industry in the last one decade both in India and elsewhere. Designers, producers and the marketers endeavor to read the consumer aspirations better. However, many in the Indian exports Industry have their own troubles and concerns. While explorations and experiments in every possible direction are continuously taking place, real industry leaders are yet to emerge. Most of it is due to the design diversity that is engulfing every product line available and design is increasingly being recognized as the driving force.

In recent years due to consumer polarization, stiff competition within the industry and general access to media, role of textile design has changed in the country and elsewhere, both in terms of practice and appreciation. People are beginning to question the role and status of textile design in a broader context.

The paper articulates five different design case studies that are gathered from the real experiences and touch upon following aspects while deliberating on several other design related issues and opportunities.

  • Creating a product range that is design led and contextual to contemporary scenarios in the export markets.
  • Creating design benchmarks within available commercial framework to pursue creative superiority.
  • Defining role of design in building business strategies.
  • Re-evaluating the process of textile design development for Indian environment. Can the current state be the creative route to future?

Several situation specific issues, which relate to design activity in India that involve many social, cultural and economic perspectives and have direct bearing on design solutions are evaluated and provided for. In several of these case studies the approach of design has been to bring in creative sophistication and reduce the factor of anticipation.

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About the Author:

The author is Senior Faculty (Textile, Apparel & Accessory Design), Chairperson, Design Foundation Studies & International Programmes, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India.

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