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Hydrogel Dressing with Antibacterial Activity
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Hydrogel Dressing with Antibacterial Activity

Written by: Priyanka Sharma, Kirti Tewari and M.S.Parmar


Wound management has recently become more complex because of new insights into wound healing and the increasing need to manage complex wounds. Modern dressings are designed to facilitate the function of the wound rather than just to cover it. Principles of wound dressings are changing, especially in relation to debridement of wounds and control of the wound environment. Occlusive dressings, which allow debridement in a fluid environment, are equal to traditional wet or dry dressings. Present paper describes our attempt to make such a low cost dressing capable to maintain a moist and relatively pathogen free environment of the wound.


Healing chronic wounds is a multifactorial process. Treatment of the underlying disease and extrinsic factors such as patient adherence to regimens and concomitant medication must be addressed, along with several wound-based parameters, such as infection, bone involvement, or ischemia that will interfere with healing. Thus, comprehensive wound care protocols are indicated in the management of non-healing wounds. one major goal of these protocols is to improve the wound environment in order to create a moist wound that facilitates granulating tissue formation and reduces pain and odor. Modern wound dressings that have optimal exudate management properties have the potential to achieve this goal.

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Ms. Priyanka Sharma
and Ms. Kirti Tewari are from Maharani Laxmi Bai Girls PG College, Indore and Dr. M.S.Parmar is associated with NITRA


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