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Innovative Fibres
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Innovative Fibres

Written by: Poongodi.G.R.1, Srinivas.P2, Venkatesh, Priyanka, Angelin

The continuing advances in the field of sports, protective textiles, medical and hygiene requirements, etc, existing fibers is being modified and new fibers are being developed to meet specific and stringent requirements of the technical applications. There is a regular demand for the production of functional and specialty fibres. Therefore the fiber and polymer technologists have been continuously innovating new fibres to develop high performance and functional textiles. The term high functional fibers can interpreted in a number of different ways. One interpretation is that, it is a fibre with high tenacity, high modulus and less weight for the application of filtration and sports textiles. In the case of medical and hygiene products, it should free from toxic and biodegradable. For protective textiles, fibers should be high resistance to corrosive chemicals and high resistance to elevated temperatures, flames and very high hydrophilic. In the next millennium, textiles will not just be an extension on simple alternatives to natural or synthetic fibres, they will provide superior functionalities and enter into more novel and unexpected applications. New millennium fibres describe and identify the scope of high - tech fibres. The present status and prospects of the fibre are discussed and the high performance fibres are reviewed from origin to future applications. To read more,

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