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Intelligent Biomedical Clothing
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Intelligent Biomedical Clothing

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Intelligent medical clothes are a key topic for the future. In addition, the preliminary markets for functional clothing and smart textiles are within the health care, fitness and prevention domains.

The technology can quietly monitor the wearer's heart beat rate, respiration, temperature and other vital functions, alerting the wearer or physician if there is a problem. The results of the research will indeed make a positive impact on the quality of life for individuals in the real world.

In this study, after presenting the new electronic fabrics, which are blended with conductive materials, used in high-tech clothes, intelligent medical garments appeared in the market and their properties had been reviewed.

Developments in telecommunication, information technology and computers are the main technical tools for Telemedicine (Tele-care, Tele-health, e-health), which recently introduced in health care.

Telemedicine - medicine at a distance - provides among the many possibilities offered the tools for doctors to consult more easily with each other. For individuals, e.g. with chronic diseases, Telemedicine means, the possibility to stay in contact with their health care provider for medical advice or even to be alerted if something begins to go wrong with their health. This opens up new possibilities for personalized health and health care. To read more,

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