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PTFE Sewing Thread-Special Sewing Threads for Technical Applications
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PTFE Sewing Thread-Special Sewing Threads for Technical Applications

Written by: S. Grace Annapoorani


All over the world technical textiles are gaining more relevance. They can be applied in new innovative processes and replace familiar materials and can be bonded with new materials for new combinations. They are a good deal more flexible, stronger and resilient and environmentally friendly-in their manufacture as well as in their processing and application. It makes no difference if they are used in the construction, the industrial or apparel sector. Technical textiles are hi-tech, innovative products that can also be applied as an alternative. Their specific physical, chemical, and technological characteristics are especially remarkable. A decisive factor for their functionality is that these characteristics are also guaranteed where they connect.

One of these most essential connection points in technical textiles is at the seam. These provide a flexible and secure connection for the manufacture of complex two or three dimensional products. Embroidery technology is also utilised for technical textiles, for example in the production of light-weight fibre composite structures. Whether sewn or embroidered, sewing thread inserted into the textile material must maintain or fulfil the function and the sometimes very demanding requirements of the entire product.

PTFE sewing thread is from 100% pure Expanded PTFE fiber, making it possibly the most chemical resistant thread on the market today. In addition, it is completely unaffected by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and will not degrade from continuous exposure to the sun! It will not rot, support fungus or mildew. In addition, it is unaffected by fuel, cleaning solvents, salt water, motor oil etc making your sewn seams as long lasting as your fabrics / filter media.

GORE TENARA® sewing thread is made from 100% expanded PTFE which stands for polytetrafluoroethlyene, and it is the chemical name for Teflon®. The one significant difference between conventional Teflon threads and GORE TENARA® sewing threads is that GORE TENARA sewing thread is manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE. Expanded PTFE is two to three times stronger than conventional PTFE.

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The author is Head of the Department of Costume Design and Fashion, Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science College, Erode

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