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Ultra-violet Protective Umbrella Fabrics
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Ultra-violet Protective Umbrella Fabrics

Written by: Dr. M. L. Gulrajani


Umbrella is a useful contrivance used as a screen in hot countries to keep off the sun and in others to bear off the rain. In India only rain shed umbrellas are manufactured and sold in the market. These umbrellas are used by the consumers both for protection against rain as well as sun but provide little protection against harmful solar radiations. In the recent years, the risk posed by UV radiations present in sun's rays has become dangerous. Thus, a need arises to protect the people from the hazard of UV rays. Hence, the present study is an attempt to develop an umbrella which can provide high degree of protection against harmful UV radiations.

1. Introduction

1.1 Umbrellas

The word 'umbrella' comes from the Latin root word "umbra" meaning shade or shadow. An umbrella is a device, which is used to keep rain off a person. It can be made by stretching a fabric or other material over a wire. In short, it can be defined as lightweight handheld collapsible canopy.

In today's world, when the environment is changing so fast, ozone depletion is a major concern for mankind. It is mainly due to the increased use of certain manufactured substances like chlorofluorocarbons and hydro chlorofluorocarbons. In the past few years, increased awareness among the people, about the harmful effects of these solar radiations, has opened a wide new area of research and development in the field of ultraviolet protective clothing's. UV resistant umbrella is one such product, which holds the potential to protect people against the harmful effect of solar radiation, but still has been overlooked by researchers and umbrella manufacturers.

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The authors are associated with Department of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

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