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Dr. Razvan Popescu
Dr. Razvan Popescu
Business Unit Head (Textile Chemicals)
TT: How do you foresee the global market for technical coating and lamination products developing in the coming years?

Due to the fact that the economic situation in the EU is not really bright and the EU is right now the innovation center for the Technical Textile sector, we do expect that in the next two years, the global market for TCL will slow down a little bit. Nevertheless, there are fast growing markets such as China, India and ASEAN that are most probably going to compensate partially. For the automotive industry, these are the main areas of growth and as mentioned already this sector is very demanding of new products and technologies. Protech is as well a sector with a high request: fabrics for fire workers, industry, defense and security. Medtech will play a role as well, in surgery fabrics and other hygiene products. However, more generally in all fields of applications, one can find a lot of new innovations and many of them are not only local. Any new development, regardless whether it is done in the EU or US or Asia; can be reasonably quick transferred to other areas. There are two main reasons for this - bigger multinational companies have several production facilities around the world and most of the equipment and chemicals needed to produce those special fabrics are also produced worldwide.

Published on: 30/08/2012

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