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Susan Stansbury
Susan Stansbury
TT: What newer applications of nonwovens will contribute significantly in coming years?

Newer applications will occur as nonwovens materials offer more options that are economical. Nonwovens address sophisticated needs such as surgical gowns and products requiring specifications for regulatory compliance will see more advances. Moreover, on the green side, nonwovens will become more truly compostable, flushable and offer end-of-life disposable advantages.

TT: How do you see the Indian Market as a major consumer / producer of Nonwovens? Where lies the opportunity for a country like India?

India benefits by its skilled, knowledgeable workforce. Converters in India are able to compete on a full range of products, from basic nonwovens disposables to products with additives that offer benefits to consumers, industry and other markets. In addition, the growing consumer-buyers on both the household and the business-to-business side means that prospect are excellent for steady growth of converted products.

TT: Kindly highlight the theme of the upcoming trade shows being organized by your esteemed organization.

Our organization, Converting Influence will present its fifth Converters Expo on 1st March to display converter products and skills, along with equipment and other allied suppliers. The location is Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. And this is the peak place in the nation for converting goods. The Theme of this Expo is centered on efficiency and solutions.

Published on: 19/10/2011

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