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Daniel Dwight
Daniel Dwight
President & Chief Executive Officer

Interview with Daniel Dwight

Developing markets are often more receptive to new ideas & ways of doing things

An international executive with significant experience leading high-tech growth companies, Dan was appointed President, CEO and Director of The Cooley Group in March 2011. He is also a Director at Satcon Technology, a NASDAQ-listed renewable energy company. Prior to joining Cooley, Dan was a Partner and Cleantech & Renewable Energy Segment Leader for Tatum, President and CEO of Kronos Advanced Technologies, and a 17-year executive with GE in the Americas, Asia and Europe. He holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Vermont and a master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Cooley/Group designs, develops and manufactures a diversified industry-leading portfolio of premier engineered coated fabrics used across an array of industrial and commercial applications. In addition to their proven performance, Cooley’s products and processes have a significantly reduced carbon footprint, and the Company is taking a leadership position in developing fully recyclable solutions for its global customer base.

TT: How do you foresee the outlook of Industrial Fabric Industry worldwide in 2012? What is Cooley's contribution to the growth in this sector?

Although Cooley applies proprietary chemistry to an underlying fabric, we are first and foremost a high value-added chemistry company. Therefore, our outlook may differ from the overall outlook of the Industrial Fabric Industry. Cooley is coming through a strong 2011 and expects 2012 to be even stronger. Despite the weak global economic environment, Cooley’s financial success can be attributed to consistently providing our global customer base innovative, high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective solutions without sacrificing Cooley’s reputation for proven performance.

TT: Cooley being a global technology leader in the field of specialized coated textiles and Polymer technology, what markets / applications are you currently exploring ? Why ?

Cooley’s 2012 (and beyond) expansion is twofold: First, Cooley will continue globalization strategy by expanding beyond the 20 countries where Cooley currently sells proprietary products. Our globalization will be primarily focused on developing countries. Secondly, Cooley will continue expansion strategy into new markets. As examples, Cooley/Engineered Membranes division is leveraging Cooley’s proven performance in commercial roofing, reservoir liners, and chemical containment to expand into the waterproofing market. Cooley/Commercial Graphics division is leveraging Cooley’s development of a PVC alternative product for outdoor advertising. These proprietary polyethylene-based products were developed with a leading chemical company specifically to meet the growing global need for a higher-quality, more sustainable solution for billboards and posters.

Published on: 30/11/2011

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