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Mr Ambrose Chan
Mr Ambrose Chan
TT: What is the South East Asian market size of disposable adult diapers? How competitive is the market of disposable adult diapers?

The total market size of disposable adult diapers in South East Asia is estimated to be USD 150-200 million, growing rapidly with the aging population, economic affluence and improvement of social healthcare systems. Certainty brand is the overall adult diaper market leader in Thailand and is a key player in the South East Asian markets.

TT: What are the future prospects for disposable adult diapers industry in the South East Asian market?

DSGT sells the disposable adult diapers through multiple channels, including modern trade, retail stalls and hospitals. Over half of DSGT’s sales come from Thailand, and about 40 per cent come from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and export markets. The adult diaper market is expected to grow rapidly with the aging population, economic affluence and improvement of social healthcare systems. DSG is well positioned in this Sunrise Industry in both the baby and adult diaper category development in increasing affluent Asia.

TT: What steps are taken by the producers of disposable adult diapers to safeguard hygiene and health care?

DSGT applied GMP regulations in its manufacturing process, which strictly comply with the highest standard of quality assurance. Also, our manufacturing process is in the closed system, starting from raw materials through packing system, parallel with quality online inspection program to ensure our high quality & hygienic disposable adult diapers. All products are made under the strictest ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

TT: What piece of advice would you like to give to the emerging disposable diapers manufacturers?

Disposable diapers business is highly complex from supply chain, manufacturing and commercial management. Historically, only few international players dominate the disposable diaper categories. To remain sustainable in the market, the emerging manufacturers should produce high quality products sold at reasonable pricing. Continuous product development in line with consumer trend, innovative marketing and efficient supply chain management are critical success factors.

Published on: 27/02/2014

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