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Mr Ambrose Chan
Mr Ambrose Chan
TT: According to you, which countries are likely to grow in terms of manufacturing of disposable adult diapers? Give reasons.

Indonesia, India and China present enormous baby and adult disposable diaper business opportunities in the coming decades. Favorable demographics for newborns and ageing population, rapidly increasing economic affluence and improvement of the healthcare systems are key growth drivers.

TT: How important is the role of media in promoting the usage of disposable adult diapers? Can you please site a few examples?

The media play important roles in educating the parents and elderly care-takers about the importance of baby and adult hygienic through usage of disposable diapers. Different product systems such as tape or pant could cater for different consumer needs and occasions. For branded manufacturers, media could promote awareness of product news that could better serve the consumer needs.

TT: Do you think that the manufacturing of disposable products is hampering the environment? What steps are taken by the disposable product (baby diapers, adult diapers, and sanitary products) industry for sustainable development?

Recognizing the need for responsible green practices, the Company has pledged to bolster its efforts to procure sustainably produced materials for the manufacturing process, as well as to incorporate the best practices in relevant environmental aspects such as in new building and site construction, training and health and safety issues.

Published on: 27/02/2014

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