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Alessandro D'Andrea
Alessandro D'Andrea
Marketing Manager
TT: How do you see the Indian Market as a major consumer / producer of Nonwovens? Where lies the opportunity for a country like India?

Today, the Indian end users still do not give preference to disposable products and the amount of products is still limited. There is a cultural barrier to disposability. Also, the most of the pads/diapers distributed in India are imported from abroad. The numbers in the past have not been big enough to justify big investment by the Multinationals for a local manufacturing of hygiene products. This makes also evident that the nonwoven production did not boost in India. In the future we see a gradual change in the attitude of the end users which will buy more disposable diapers and all the sector will expand. This trend will be gradual, not very fast as in other parts of the world.

TT: What difference do you see in the pattern of growth in India vis a vis China in the field of Nonwovens Converting?

China experienced a much faster demand of disposable products than India. The growth in China have been and will continue to be significantly faster than in India. Even if the Indian per-capita income will soon reach the level where a large group of the population could afford the cost of the diapers, still it will take time until the majority of Indian consumers will be gradually convinced that the disposable products have real advantages for their daily life.

Published on: 16/05/2011

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