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Alessandro D'Andrea
Alessandro D'Andrea
Marketing Manager

Interview with Alessandro D'Andrea

Demand for better fit of all hygiene products will be always very strong

Mr. Alessandro D’Andrea a Mechanical Engineering from Politecnic of Turin started his career as a Process Engineering in Fater Spa. He joined Fameccanica in 1997 as a product manager, marketing. Since 2003, he is acting as a marketing manager with the same compny. He has a patent in his name on Block of interleaved laminar products, a package therefor and a process for realising the same.

TT: How do you foresee the outlook of Converting Industry worldwide in 2011- 2012? What is Fameccanica contribution to the growth in this sector?

We estimate an interesting trend for 2011-2012: the investments for new machines for the converting industry of hygiene disposable products (baby and adult diapers, feminine hygiene, etc) will continue to grow, same as in the past two years, despite the global economic crisis started in 2009. The manufacturers of hygiene products still need to invest in new converters, both in the developed markets (to innovate their product and follow the new product trends) and in the emerging markets (where the new converters need to match the fast growing demand for disposable hygiene products). Also, Fameccanica plays a role in the growth of the sector, thanks to the capability to innovate and create new process and product solutions. Technological and product innovation is guaranteed by more than one hundred engineering managers and designers operating in the Design and Research and Development departments. By deploying flexibility, innovation and development at any manufacturing stage, Fameccanica’s range of products is ready to match the demanding market challenges from entry level to top speed solutions. Fameccanica foresees a bright growth of its business in 2011 and 2012. The company is continuing to strengthen its market leadership as a prime innovator and world class producer of advanced technological industrial solutions for the personal care business. Fameccanica has an entirely renewed line up and has expanded its presence in all continents in order to best suit its customers’ changing needs.

TT: Fameccanica being a global technology leader in the field of hygiene and packaging, what markets are you currently exploring ?

We are a global company and are present worldwide in all continents with more than 800 machines installed. That means that the focus is very large to cover all the different companies worldwide as well as all the different geographical areas. A special mention goes to the emerging markets, such as Africa and the Middle East, where we are working with all the major multinational and with the big regional players to better serve the local markets.

Published on: 16/05/2011

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