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Alessandro D'Andrea
Alessandro D'Andrea
Marketing Manager
TT: What are the major bottlenecks in developing markets compared to that of developed markets?

The budget of each investment in the developing markets is usually lower then the budget for the high performance machines that we install in the developed markets. The Companies investing in the new developing markets need to create the market for pads/diapers and the volumes required usually start from very low. That means small budget for low/medim performance, while the higher speed machines will come later, after 3-5 years. The Fameccanica challenge to better serve the developing markets is always to find the right machines to meet their specific business model and budgets. If their budget is not so big we have to find the right way to serve those companies. We have different models for different levels of performance, to follow the growth of the producers.

TT: What newer applications of nonwovens will contribute significantly in coming years?

The demand for better fit of all hygiene products will be always very strong. So, we see a huge interest towards elastic materials.

Published on: 16/05/2011

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