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Dr Geoff Collins
Dr Geoff Collins
Regional Sales Director

Interview with Dr Geoff Collins

Major bottlenecks in developing countries are related to infrastructure, industry partners,& awareness

The Lenzing Group is an international group of companies with its headquarters in Austria, production sites in all major markets and a global network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing provides the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality cellulose fibers.The company is the leading supplier in many business-to-business markets – from cellulose fibers to special plastic polymer products.

TT: How do you foresee the outlook of Nonwovens Industry worldwide in 2011?

Nonwovens indsutry will continue to grow on worldwide basis in 2011, with biggest growth in developing markets like Asia. Lenzing is investing heavily in new fibre production capacity in all regions, EU, US and Asia to support the increasing demand. Total fibres in the Lenzing group will increase from ~660000tons in 2010 to 750000tons in 2011, well on the way to achieving the target of 1 million tons by 2015.

TT: What are the major bottlenecks in developing markets compared to that of developed markets?

Major bottlenecks in developing countries can be related to infrastructure and industry partners as well as awareness and use of nonwoven products

TT: What newer applications of nonwovens will contribute significantly in coming years?

In coming years we see many of todays applications continuing but evolving. For example sustainability is a key topic in many markets with brands, retailers and consumers concerned about the sourcing, production and disposal of products they buy. Lenzing is a leader in this area with state-of -the-art production of TENCEL and Lenzing Viscose receiving many many awards and certifications, such as EU ECO-label, Nordic Swan Eco-label and now both PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody certifications

TT: How do you see the Indian Market as a major consumer & producer of Nonwovens? Where lies the opportunity for a country like India?

We already have activity in the Indian market, though so far the domestic market remains relatively small. This relates to cultural aspects of disposable products as well as overall awareness of the benefits. Also the retail environment and routes to market in India are somewhat different and developing. There is much more potential for India as both producer and consumer of a range of nonwoven products.

TT: What difference do you see in the pattern of growth in India vis a vis China in the field of Nonwovens?

As yet, India is at the very early stages of market development and so not really possible to compare directly with China. Perhaps could be said that India is where China was 10-15 years ago and will go through the phase of producing for export and then increase domestic consumption.

Published on: 08/04/2013

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