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Dr MP Agarwal
Dr MP Agarwal
Chairman & Managing Director

Interview with Dr MP Agarwal

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Dr MP Agarwal is the Chairman & Managing Director of Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn Ltd. He is a first generation entrepreneur and is a qualified cost accountant with a Doctorate in Textile Costing. He has a vast experience in the industry having worked with leading textile organizations like National Textile Corporation and British India Corporation. The US $400 million Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn has positioned itself as an integrated multi product and multi market player covering almost all the activities of textile value chain. It is a premier manufacturer of home furnishing products and enjoys competency in manufacturing denim fabric, terry towels, bed linen, cotton fusible interlining, embroidered fabric, technical textile products and ballistic products. It is a niche producer of defense related technical textiles products.

TT: Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn is mainly present in the defense related division of technical textiles. What prompted you to enter this sector?

Among the most demanding customers of textile materials in the world are the members of our fighting forces, and army personnel are among those with the critical requirements. Personal protective equipment for military personnel is needed during non-combat, combat & emergency survival operation. Military uniforms must meet specific protective performance requirements related to their use in battlefield, tanks, aircrafts, underwater etc like extreme temperatures ambient conditions, immersion hypothermia etc. Technical textiles have proved to be the major contributor to defense applications replacing conventional heavier textile materials. We saw this huge opportunity when it comes to technical textiles in the defence segment. In India, there are just a few prominent players mainly Arvind, Paragon, Alok Industries, SGI etc but they are not providing the whole bouquet of defence products. Hence, the opportunity to enter in a niche category of technical textiles looked like the best option. Also, it was a logical choice for a company like us looking at huge volumes. The technology that we have too gave a competitive edge over other players. We are currently producing camouflage Uniform Fabrics, Ghillie Suits, heavy duty nylon fabrics, infra red fabrics and nuclear biological and chemical fabrics. And Smart Vest is our latest addition to this wide range. In addition to a range of ballistic products, we have an established network and affiliates around the world, backed by long term strategic alliances with local as well as global manufacturers.

TT: Which technology is employed at your organisation to produce fabrics for defense purposes?

Shri Lakshmi Group uses a variety of fabric treatments, specialized coatings, laminations or any combination of the above are used to produce fabrics for defence purposes. In some cases, special chemicals/ granules are produced in house like production of ACS (Activated Carbon Spheres) for production of NBC fabric.

Published on: 11/09/2012

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